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One Step Forward

Believe it or not, we watched the world change before our eyes. Covid 19 changed the world. I remember being in the heart of it. New Jersey being locked down, mask & gloves. People scared to go outside. Thank God for DJ D-Nice because I swear at one point if it wasn’t for him I don’t know how we would’ve made through those difficult days. In the heart of the storm I created one of my most profound Ep’s “Money Music”. A five song guide on how to survive during the hardest time in our life. In my world we would compare this to some sort of drought. I can honestly say that I come from the trenches but never seen anything like this before.  Nothing this powerful or painful. Many will never understand unless it hits home. May 2nd my cousin Chris passed away from Covid. To this day I still can’t see straight but you will have to listen to the intro of my new album to truly understand how I feel about that. If it home, then you know the feeling. If not, then you’re blessed. Pray hard & stay safe. The only good thing about this type of pressure is that it’s the type that makes diamonds. Now, let’s move forward. Fuck everything from the past. Anyone thats not trying to water your roots gotta go. I know you read the beginning of the blog & thought it was gonna be easy. It is but it’s all pressure from here on out. Take the step forward. When it comes to this blog I will be leading with life experiences. So before I go here’s the first one. Without respect there is no love. I repeat someone can’t love you if they don’t respect you. They might care for you but not love you. If they tell you that, it’s bs. It’s like a car with no wheels, not going anywhere. Make sure your respected before you start telling someone you love them. Fuck the words, all action.



Written By: Barry Bondz

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  • Mark

    Reply September 6, 20224:03 am

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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